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Original thanks

Verdana made a page with words of thanks to contributors of mod which you can read here

Old versions of the mod

Here are presented old versions of the mod that were found in web archives. They are not supported at all, but are placed here in case anyone wants to play on an older version

The earlier versions were written by Verdana until version 1.7. For those versions, they were ported by Rene_Z and thatapplefreak. Any later versions were ported by KillJoy

Note: The 1.7 versions are ported from VoxelModPack (MinecraftForum thread)

Mod types



Release 1.8

Release 1.7.10

Release 1.7.2

Release 1.6.4

Release 1.6.2

Release 1.5.2

Release 1.5.1

Release 1.5.0

Release 1.4.6

Release 1.4.5

Release 1.4.4

Release 1.4.2

Release 1.3.2

Release 1.3.1

Release 1.2

Release 1.1

Beta 1.8.1