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For Legacy Versions (1.12 and below)

The installation guide for versions of Mine Little Pony prior to Minecraft 1.14 can be found here

Download Mine Little Pony and Fabric

Mine Little Pony requires the mod loader Fabric in order to run. Download the Mine Little Pony mod and the Fabric installer from the front page. If you’d like to have the option to use HD skins or the mod’s own skin server make sure you also download and install the HDSkins mod, which is linked with the latest version of the mod. Downloaded files

Installing Fabric

Download the appropriate installer for your operating system: download the .exe installer if you are using Windows and .jar for other operating systems. Open the installer and follow the instructions on screen Fabric installer

Installing Mine Little Pony and HDSkins

The Mine Little Pony mod should have a .jar extension. Place the .jar file in the mods folder that has been created in your minecraft root folder. Be sure to also download and move the Fabric API .jar and HDSkins jar into the mods folder as well. Path to Mine Little Pony mod file

Select the Fabric-Loader profile and play!

If everything was done correctly, a new Minecraft profile named “Fabric-Loader” with the installed version in the name should appear in the drop down menu. Choose that profile and launch the game and you’re done! Congratulations on your newfound poniness! Selecting installed profile Your player model in the game should look like this