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The Development Team!

These are the guys that keep the mod running!


Killjoy is our dear leader who kills the joy but keeps things organized and afloat.


Solly is that cool kid who keeps the mod updated and adds all those wonderful features you know and love! (Also added bats so he's pretty rad in my book! - Zombie)


Rolling.... is a bat. Oh and he's also our head of Public Relations and manages the official Discord server! EEEE


The bat in charge... of maintaining this wonderful website, also a huge Tiki Bar Enthusiast, Theme Park Fanatic, Bat, Duck, Raccoon, and all around pretty cool dude. EEEEEEEEEE


That QA guy that would bug about a bug for a week if he can't fix it himself


No one's quite sure what R9000 does... not even himself! All we know is that he does something, and he's a cool kid!


That dude that makes the site code look really legit and cool and fixes zombie's mistakes when he breaks it.

Special thanks and credits


Mine Little Pony was created in 2011 by Verdana, and has grown since then with art and code contributed by many different people. While it’s experienced some changes over the years, and is run by an entirely different team now, at it’s heart it’s still the same mod you all know and love. This page is a special thanks to all the talented artists, coders, and people who have contributed to the mod’s development over the years. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Splash screen

Previous developers

Website Stuff



Thanks to all the artists who created original My Little Pony skins for Minecraft. It was your work that inspired Verdana to make this mod, and he borrowed a lot of ideas (and quite a few pixels) from your original skins. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Applejack (as well as many other ponies) were originally based on skins by k9saurus. Celestia and Luna were based on a skin by peaceiscloser. Fluttershy was based on a skin by paladinwat (which itself was based on skins by kirapt0r, netbelleanie/rawriza, and kjhf…). It’s unfortunately unknown where he got the skin that he based the new Rainbow Dash skin on, if it was you then thanks. The other skins were based at least in part on the work of these artists.

Extra special thanks to all of the talented skin artists who made new skin files just for this mod:

Verdana originally messed around with some of their skins a bit before adding them to the mod in some cases, so if you don’t like something about any of the skins then that was probably his fault rather than any of these people who are all amazing.

The skins for the mobs were originally made by Verdana, inspired by the default Minecraft mobs. The zombies used some elements from the mob skins in the Love and Tolerance texture pack. The skeletons were made by dann494.

Solly revamped every skin in the mod and skinpack in order to update them to the new format. Special thanks to him for spending the time and effort on this endeavor, his work on this is really appreciated.

Zombie Revamped the current skinning guide in order to showcase the new features and skinning techniques for the newer models.

Other things