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What is the Meaning of Life?

What does this have to do with the mod?

Why does it take my skin so long to update?

Sometimes it takes the skin server a little longer to update. Please be patient and wait until your skin updates

Why is this page so empty?

There are not enough frequently asked questions. But feel free to ask them on the Discord server

Does FillyCam still work?

FillyCam has been discontinued. Use BigPony unstead

Is there a Forge version?

No. But LiteLoader can be installed as a Forge mod

How do I retrieve my skin from the server?

If you are using an official Minecraft account you can do it here

Where do I report bugs?

You can do it on GitHub here or in channel #bugs of Discord server

Does this mod provide any extra abilities?

No, the mod only transforms the player model into pony. It doesn’t provide any magical abilities and doesn’t allow you to fly in survival mode. But you can find additional mods which do