This guide is for installing the mod on Minecraft 1.12. Instructions for newer versions can be found here

#Table of contents

#Required files

  • LiteLoader installer - needed to play Minecraft with client mods. Example filename: liteloader-installer-1.12.2-00-SNAPSHOT.exe. File extension can be either .jar or .exe.
  • Mine Little Pony mod - the mod itself

#Installing LiteLoader

Once you’ve downloaded all the files you need to install LiteLoader. Run the downloaded installer file, select the settings you want and click the “OK” button.

LiteLoader installer

#Installing the mod

After installing LiteLoader you need to add your mods to the game. Place downloaded .jar files into mods folder in your Minecraft folder:

  • %APPDATA%\.minecraft on Windows
  • ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft on macOS
  • ~/.minecraft on Linux

Mods folder

#Play the game!

If everything was done correctly, a new Minecraft profile called something like LiteLoader 1.12.2 should appear. Select it and launch the game. Now you should turn into a pony!

Minecraft client with installed LiteLoader profile Player pony