#Table of contents


Mine Little Pony was created in 2011 by Verdana, and has grown since then with art and code contributed by many different people


  • This mod was originally based on the Player Model API by Binkan Salaryman. It’s a great mod, and he’s a great guy. Thanks Binkan Salaryman!
  • Thanks to BlueAgent for the current Forge and Spoutcraft compatibility
  • Thanks to Mumfrey and the Voxel Mod Pack team for LiteLoader and most of the HD skins code
  • Thanks to ShetiPhian for the new models, the advanced skinning technique, and the pony armour
  • Thanks to Ha3 for the galloping animation and numerous bugfixes and improvements
  • Thanks to Noppes for help getting this working with ModLoader
  • Thanks to XTwilight3 for providing a Forge patch for previous versions
  • Thanks to Tux2 for providing the original Spoutcraft and Forge support


Thanks to all the artists who created original My Little Pony skins for Minecraft. It was your work that inspired me to make this mod, and I borrowed a lot of ideas (and quite a few pixels) from your original skins. I hope you forgive me. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Applejack (as well as many other ponies) was based on skins by k9saurus. Celestia and Luna were based on a skin by peaceiscloser. Fluttershy was based on a skin by paladinwat (which itself was based on skins by kirapt0r, netbelleanie/rawriza, and kjhf…). I sadly cannot remember where I got the skin on which I based the new Rainbow Dash, if it was you then thanks. The other skins were based at least in part on the work of these artists

Extra special thanks to all of the talented skin artists who made new skin files just for this mod:

  • AlphaSpaceWombat who made Cotton Pie Joe, Fluttershy (bunny costume), King Sombra, Pinkie Pie (no mouth), Pinkie Pie (spy costume), Shining Armor (horn broken), Tailor the Tailor, Ambrosia, Banana Fluff, Guard Commanders, Donut Joe, Featherweight, Fruitbasket, Hairy Tipper, Mjölna, normal Armoured Royual Guards, Salty, Silverspeed, Sugar Berry, Sunstreak, Wildfire, Soarin’ (in Wonderbolt suit), updated Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Gala Twilight Sparkle, crazy Pinkie, workout Pinkie and Winter Wrap Up Pinkie, (and Winter Wrap Up Fluttershy), (and Winter Warp Up Rarity), Zecora, Caramel, Cranky Doodle Donkey, Mr and Mrs Cake, Noteworthy, Spitfire (in Wonderbolt outfit), Vinyl Scratch, Cloudchaser, Snips and Snails (and the older versions of Flim and Flam, Rainbow Dash (and Winter Wrap Up Rainbow Dash), Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Big Macintosh, Derpy Hooves, Cheerilee, Mayor Mare, and Octavia). He also made Trixie’s Alicorn amulet and the Winter Wrap Up uniforms for Applejack and Rainbow Dash
  • CJ_Bland who made original Cheerilee, original Spitfire, and (most of) original Trixie
  • dann494 who made Nightmare Moon, the armoured changeling, alicorn Mare Do Well, and the unicorn night guard
  • HarlequinQueen who made The Changeling Queen Chrysalis, Granny Smith (and young Granny Smith), Changeling, Wedding Cadence, Wedding Shining Armour, Lunar Guard, Gala Fluttershy, Gala Pinkie Pie, Spitfire without Wonderbolt suit, Apple Cider, Apple Strudel, Big Wig, Chelsea Porcelain, Fiddlesticks (with and without hat), Giselle, Gizmo, Happy Trails, Jangles, Masquerade, Math Teacher, Morton Saltworthy, Mr Waddle, Picture Perfect, Sapphire Shores, Screw Loose, Sharpener, Silver String and Symphony, updated Doctor Whooves, Screball, and Post Haste (she also made Rarity’s glasses)
  • lightdasher who made Aloe, Berry Punch, Cherry, Lotus, original Princess Luna (S2), the original Mayor, Nurse Redheart, and Roseluck
  • Mr_Stev who made Applejack’s new mane and cutie mark
  • NazzyDragon who made the original Big Mac, Blueberry Muffin, Brolly, Chocolate Sun, Crescent, Golden Harvest, original Lyra Heartstrings, Holly Dash, Lemon Tart, North Pole, Orange Box, Orchid Dew, unarmoured Pegasus Guard, Raindrop, Roy G Bow, Soarin (without Wonderbolts suit), Star Sparkle, Under D Weather, Unicorn Guard, Velvet Hooves, and original Trixie’s cutie mark
  • P47HFIND3R who made the rock costumes for the CMCs
  • Parchment_Pen who made Gilda the Griffon
  • Rena-kun who made Cherries Jubilee, Daring Do (tweaked by me to use advanced skinning), Diamond Tiara, Flithy Rich, Post Haste and Silver Spoon
  • SF Legend who made Allie Way, Blinky Pie, Clyde, Daisy, Dinky Doo, Film Reel, Fleetfoot, Fleur, Horte Cuisine, Inky Pie, Junebug, Lightning Bolt, Lilly, Mr Cake, Mrs Cake, Noteworthy, Pipsqueak, Prince Bluebloot, Screwball, Sea Swirl, Sparkler, Sue and The Dude
  • Silverwhisker who made Shining Armour, Twist, Mulia Mild, the Mysterious Mare Do Well and updated Trixie, Colgate, Lyra and Bon Bon
  • SnyderTime86 who made original Applejack (with hat) original Apple Bloom, Braeburn, Fancy Pants, Photo Finish, Ruby Pinch, original Scootaloo, original Sweetie Belle and Zecora. SnyderTime86 also updated most of the original ponies from the first release of the mod to be at least 20% cooler in 0.4
  • SteadyUA who made the alternative version of the Lunar Guard
  • Stephanoodle who made Apple Fritter, Babs Seed, Discord, Lightning Dust, Princess Cadence, Thunderlane, and updated Applejack (with and without hat, and Winter Wrap Up), Trixie, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Big Mac, Cheerilee, Octavia, Braeburn, Twist, Sweetie Belle, Flam, Flim, Derpy Hooves, Shining Armour, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle (and Alicorn Princess / Princess Coronation versions), Applejack, Fluttershy, Daring Do, Rainbow Dash (and Gala and Wonderbolt Cadet versions), The Changeling Queen Chrysalis, and Mayor Mare
  • Sunny who made Amethyst Star, Dizzy Twister, Flitter, High Style, Merry May, Pretty Vision, Red Gala, Soigne Folio and Stella

I messed around with some of their skins a bit before I added them to the mod in some cases, so if you don’t like something about any of the skins then that’s probably my fault rather than any of these people who are all amazing

The skins for the mobs were made by me, inspired by the default Minecraft mobs. The zombies use some elements from the mob skins in the Love and Tolerance texture pack. The skeletons were made by dann494

#Other things

  • Thanks to MuseWhimsy for designing the Mine Little Pony logo
  • Thanks to dann494 for the images explaining skinning and his constant feedback and support on the forums
  • Thanks to oskarek11 who drew the image of Princess Celestia from which I borrowed the hair in the header image
  • Kudos to the original pony mod (I didn’t use any of the code but someone else had the idea first) posted on ponycraft.net (now removed, archive
  • Thanks to everyone in my MinecraftForum.net thread and on brohoof.com (archive) for your feedback, testing and support so far
  • This mod uses Mumfrey’s LiteLoader. Need a tick and don’t want much else? LiteLoader might be the lightweight mod loader you’ve been waiting for!
  • This mod was made with MCP. Thanks to Searge and the MCP team, without whom this mod would not be possible
  • Thanks to Mojang and Hasbro, best companies, for creating Minecraft and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic