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What is this page

Here is a copy of original “About” page on Verdana’s mod site (archive)


Mine Little Pony was created in 2011 by Verdana, and has grown since then with art and code contributed by many different people



Thanks to all the artists who created original My Little Pony skins for Minecraft. It was your work that inspired me to make this mod, and I borrowed a lot of ideas (and quite a few pixels) from your original skins. I hope you forgive me. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Applejack (as well as many other ponies) was based on skins by k9saurus. Celestia and Luna were based on a skin by peaceiscloser. Fluttershy was based on a skin by paladinwat (which itself was based on skins by kirapt0r, netbelleanie/rawriza, and kjhf…). I sadly cannot remember where I got the skin on which I based the new Rainbow Dash, if it was you then thanks. The other skins were based at least in part on the work of these artists

Extra special thanks to all of the talented skin artists who made new skin files just for this mod:

I messed around with some of their skins a bit before I added them to the mod in some cases, so if you don’t like something about any of the skins then that’s probably my fault rather than any of these people who are all amazing

The skins for the mobs were made by me, inspired by the default Minecraft mobs. The zombies use some elements from the mob skins in the Love and Tolerance texture pack. The skeletons were made by dann494

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